Why We Rap

The RAP Foundation is a charity created by the founders of The RAP Project, offering workshops in state schools, academies on a donation-only basis.

Our presentations include a range of topics, including the laws defining sexual assault, peer on peer sexual harassment & consent; how social media & pornography influence attitudes, behaviours & body image; the lack of discretion practiced my many young people online & how to manage peer pressure & mental well-being. We dispel myths, misconceptions & challenge gender stereotypes. Inclusive & respectful of all individuals & their choices, we also balance religious & cultural perspectives into our delivery. Our interactive, age-appropriate talks are honest, engaging and promote our core belief: “Mutual Respect and Mutual Consent”.

Find out more about who makes up the Rap Foundation Team & The Trustees below.

Allison Havey

Allison established The RAP Foundation in 2019 as the charitable arm of The RAP Project. While successfully delivering RSE & citizenship to 200 plus independent schools, Allison is determined & passionate about bringing its powerful messages surrounding peer on peer sexual harassment, consent, body positivity & mutual respect to young people in the state school sector. As a seasoned presenter & writer, her interactive presentations examine how social media & online pornography are influencing attitudes, behaviours and body image. Prior to working with young people, Allison worked as international TV news producer for ABC, NBC & Associated Press TV. She attended , Sarah Lawrence College before living in Paris, Moscow & London for her work. Allison is a regular speaker at conferences & festivals, she is the co-author of ‘Sex, Likes and Social Media: Talking to our Teens in the Digital Age’ published by Random House/Ebury. Allison lives in North London with her husband and has two children.

Jessica Hawley

Jessica is Head of Professional Development & Early Learning at The Rap Foundation, responsible for developing the Primary RE content as well as developing relationships with academic bodies and fundraising. She was born and raised in Mexico City, then pursued her degree at Colgate University In New York and studied Political Science and Philosophy. Following university, she worked as a Social Worker in New York City and delivered workshops on topics including sexual health and drug prevention before moving to London with her husband. She received her MA in Education at King’s College London and then went on to gain a PGCE qualification as a Secondary School teacher in Citizenship and PSHE from the Institute of Education. She’s passionate about empowering parents to talk to their children about self- esteem and sexual health. Her motivation is based on work experience, research and most importantly, raising her three daughters.

Eshu Christianson

Eshu is a presenter & social media producer for The RAP Foundation, He also spearheads our youth safety campaigns and is part of our survey development team. He is a graduate of UCL where he studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Camden-born and bred, he has a long history as a volunteer with the homeless as well as with youth mentoring programmes. While working with The Simon Community, he provided people living on the streets with practical access to services. Recently, he earned his FA qualification to coach youth football clubs within the Islington Youth Development Program He mentors young adults in Camden and is dedicated to helping young men in particular address toxic masculinity and uses communication and compassion as tools for helping youth achieve their potential. In his spare time, Eshu manages amateur club ‘Old Finchleans’ FC, as well as works as a coach the Islington Youth Development Program.

Cathy Walker

Cathy is a Presenter & Communications Director for The RAP Foundation. She studied her undergraduate degree in French and Spanish at the University of Sheffield, and gained a PGCE from the Institute of Education, University of London. She has 20 years of experience in education, including as a teacher and Head of House at Highgate School, London and as Assistant Headteacher at Sheffield Girls’ GDST. As an Education Consultant, she continues to work closely with young people and their families to safeguard their wellbeing, develop confidence and encourage them to make informed decisions through coaching, mentoring and running workshops. Cathy is also currently studying for her Masters in Psychology and Education, and blogs regularly about education, mental health and self-esteem. In her spare time, Cathy enjoys running, cycling, yoga, reading, cooking and dancing. As a mum to two daughters, she is a proud feminist and wants her children to grow up understanding that they should not be disadvantaged by their gender.

Kate Edgecumbe-Rendle

Kate began her adventurous career straight out of university. Working for a creative start-up online design company in Hackney, she promoted artists before heading for the wild. Kate ran an eco-friendly safari lodge in the Nepalese jungle for two years, managing nearly 100 staff. This experience gave Kate invaluable leadership and problem-solving skills which she stills uses to this day. She then taught English as a Second Language in Thailand, where Kate found students were hungry for honest, empowering conversations around self-esteem and mental health. Upon returning to the UK, she worked for Digital Awareness, where she taught digital safety and skills to manage technology more responsibly. Kate lives in West Sussex with her husband and three sons.

PJ Livett

PJ studied Psychology and graduated from Roehampton University, realising early on that she wanted to teach Relationship and Education to young people. She spent several years working in both the charity and public sector, whilst raising her family and qualifying as a RSE Educator in 2019. In addition to working in the private and state school sectors, PJ supports non-mainstream students, parents, young adults (YMCA), domestic abuse survivors and youth intervention officers within the Devon and Cornwall Police. She is focused on empowering young people to make informed, respectful choices early on as they develop intimate relationships. PJ lives in Devon, with her husband and three children.