The Rap Foundation & The RAP Project canvas thousands of young people throughout the UK. The Founders believe that young people are the best source of research for our work in schools, where we aim to inform, empower and educate them on the laws, the influence of social media and online pornography on their attitudes, expectations and body image. We anonymously ask students, between ages 10-19, a variety of questions on a wide range of topics. Each survey is age appropriate. Pupils inform our practice by sharing their opinions, concerns, and questions. These include the following:

  • What they wish to learn from Relationship & Sex Education
  • How Online Pornography Influences their Behaviour & their Peers
  • What percentage of Year 6 Pupils have smartphones
  • How Many Hours a Week do 15-16 years old Girls Spend on Social Media?
  • Do Parents Speak to their Kids About Porn?

The results of some of our surveys are below (click to enlarge).