Where we RAP

Secondary Schools

Acland Burghley
Camden School for Girls
Chelsea Academy
Dr Challoner’s Grammar School
Fortismere School
The Grey Coat Hospital School
Hampstead School

Kingsdale Foundation
London South Teaching Alliance
Parliament Hill School

Primary Schools

Albion Primary School
Charles Dickens Primary School

Dulwich Hamlet Primary School
Gospel Oak Primary School
Ivydale Primary School
Judith Kerr Primary School
Peters Hill Primary School
St Jude’s Primary School
Surrey Square Primary School

What They Say

“We have been working with the RAP Project for the past three years and they are an absolutely key part of our programme of educating students about the many challenges they face growing up in the world. Getting students to think carefully about pornography, social media, gender stereotypes etc. is fundamentally key if we are to prepare them for the digital age.

As a state-funded school, we currently have a very limited budget to bring in visiting speakers and at the moment the RAP project uses up the vast majority of this money each year. It is well worth it. however it does limit our ability to engage with any other external agency to cover other topics in greater detail e.g. drugs and alcohol, betting, etc. If there was a way that we could be funded to work with the RAP Foundation we would love to get them in to speak to students more regularly and to work more with our staff body who are so key in supporting the students with the challenges they face in these areas day-to-day.”

Teacher @ Dr Challoner’s Grammar School