Our Goals & Impact

Goals and Impact

The RAP Foundation is raising funds in order to deliver presentations into state schools throughout England and Wales. Set up and run as an independent charity by the founders of The RAP Project ltd to deliver carefully developed RAP presentations to young people, parents and teachers in the state and academy sector.

The RAP Foundation has exclusive access to the materials and experience of the RAP Project ltd that is in well over 200 private schools and expanding throughout the UK and abroad. The impact is measured by anonymous RAP Project and Foundation surveys, assessing what students are most concerned about, as well their social behaviours on and offline. The RAP Project Ltd also have a well-developed work experience programme, offering students from Year 10-13 a variety of opportunities to engage in legal research, social media producing, writing blogs and more. The students’ feedback to our workshops is overwhelmingly positive, and our impact on young individuals and parents is supported by testimonials, feedback and applications for work experience.

We are also developing a Peer Mentoring Programme, where older students in schools will continue our messages of Mutual Respect and Mutual Consent, as well as the power of Practicing Discretion on and offline. Consent cannot be taught in a one-off session. Our RAP Ambassadors will continue the conversation with younger mentees.

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